Tell us, show us
What horses mean to you
What’s your dream
Why do you want to learn
What you intend to achieve with your horse
What you enjoy doing
Who your idol is
What kind of music you like
What you’d like to do to make the world a better place



To the young person:

Send us an email to telling us why YOU wish to participate. Show us with photos and a video, what you have already achieved with your horse. It’s not important that you can already do everything or that you present difficult tasks. What’s crucial is that we can see your mutual joy and motivation.

To the parents:

The Academy costs time and money which is why we have to be sure you can support your child on all levels. Please send us your contact information so we can have a personal meeting. If you have difficulties financing the training, we might be able to help with a partial or full scholarship.


Dear parents,

please send your email to including the name and age of your child and why you’re motivated to send them.
If you have difficulties financing your child’s regular lessons, we are happy in offering you the opportunity to get support from our sponsors.