Live YOUR Life.
All the others are taken.

Every human is unique. I bet you’ve heard that a lot, but don’t know yet what it exactly means for you. On one hand you should be unique and on the other everyone expects you to fulfil norms, adapt and follow like a sheep in the herd.

Every human is born with a gift. It’s well sealed and will open up slowly over the years. Like a Rose. First there’s a bud, then beneath the warm sunbeams, it starts to slowly open and spread its fragrance. Even as a little shoot, the rose knows exactly what it wants to be. It’s inherent and has nothing to do with thoughts. That’s exactly how it is with you. Your core knows exactly who you are, what your gifts and talents are, what you’re good at, which effort is worth it, because it’s you who wants it. That is your gift, which you came to Earth with. Your Dream.

As a little child you suddenly get a sensation for it and it’s crystal clear, what you want to become one day. Everyone laughs at you, “Cute, she wants to become an actress”. “Delightful, pilots are always needed”. But in reality we should take it seriously, we should listen and support feelings, so that the dream can grow and unfold itself. A wise old Indian once told me: “Listen to your dreams, because that’s how the universe talks to you.”

You are born to live your dream. To do this you have to slowly unwrap your gift and discover who you are. Horses can help you with this, because your desire to work with them challenges you to develop yourself. They are the wind in your sails.

Let’s go. Dive in deep. Your life awaits you.