Growing up we learn that daily showering and teeth brushing are important for hygiene. But no one tells us what to do with all the rubbish that gathers in our minds and hearts. Sometimes we are so filled with bad news, worries for our planet and disputes with friends we think we’re going to choke on it.

From my journey to the Qero Indians in the Peruvian Andes, I brought back a very effective technique to clean spirit and soul. It’s so simple you first think it’s useless, just because everyone makes us think an effective thing has to be complicated.

The Qeros don’t judge energy. They don’t separate it into good and bad, but light and heavy. Light, pure energy comes from the universe and is available at any time for us to recharge. It feels like warm summer rain.
Heavy energy can only be produced by humans. Animals and plants can’t do it. Everybody knows how it feels. ‘I have a heavy heart’, ‘I feel heavy as lead’, are things we say often. This heavy energy comes from things we encounter daily, that burden us and can’t be digested. It’s not good for us and has to leave the body. Now guess what: There‘s a natural energy cycle, that we haven’t been told about. The Earth, meaning Planet Earth, gets nourished from our heavy energy. For her it’s light and sweet. A real delicacy. Just like the light energy for us. However as mentioned: Heavy doesn’t mean it’s bad! That’s why you shouldn’t worry about defiling our good, old Earth with your soul garbage. Earth is happy to help, ensuring your heavy energy is released back into the big cycle of life.

If you do the following exercise every day then you won’t be caught up in yourself. You will feel lighter and freer. You’ll be able to see the things that disturb you with different eyes. You are strong and capable, instead of being a victim of your sorrow.

Stand on the ground and imagine a hole opening on the top of your head. Request the light energy to flow inside you. Only a little thought is required and it will happen. You don’t have to do much. Let it flow into every single cell, to the tips of your fingers and toes. Then open a hole in the soles of your feet and ask the heavy energy to leave your body. Once against only a little thought is needed. Let everything out that you no longer need: Pain, tension, thoughts, everything that weighs you down. Earth will happily accept and take care of the disposal. After that seal your feet soles again and carry on letting light energy into your body, until you feel lighter. Now close the hole on your head, be grateful for the cleanse and begin your day. You’ll see how it feels better.

The Qeros are masters in directing and conducting energy. They have several great techniques and rituals to exchange energy, which I will pass on to you when the time has come. For now you’re prepared and the first one to marvel will be your horse. They love light humans and will stick by you like a fly on honey.