• Understanding the body language of horses
• Playing with horses
• Groundwork with and without rope
• Balancing while lounging, with and without saddle
• Riding with a knot halter
• Chilling out together without wanting anything

„When you know a horse, you begin to trust him and you become one with the horse. It’s like having a friend at your side, whom you can always count on.“

Warrior-cildrens group





Yearly program 2017 / 2018

Beginning of September 2017 – End of June 2018

This year we want to strengthen our inner wild woman.

Weekly Lessons

Thursday 16 – 18.00 Starters group


In June 2018, together with your group you will perform in front of an audience, showing what you have learnt with the horses throughout the year. Our shows always have a different theme; this year we want to strengthen our inner warrior.
Program NEWS

Indian Week

In July 2018 there will be an Indian week at Alegria. Watch the video INDIAN WEEK. I’m sure you can’t wait for it to start. It will take place in the beginning of July from Monday – Friday 9:00 – 13:00.

Horses prepare children to be strong in life.

Children see horses as they are: Playful creatures that love fellowship and harmony. Who could understand it better than a child?

What you should know

Horses are flight and herd animals and they naturally look for a leader to guide them through life. Children may be small and weak, but it’s their strength of spirit and fortitude which count in the eyes of a horse.

If we praise every achievement – no matter how big or small it is – with a moment of calm and relaxation we build up trust and partnership.

The more time we give our horse, the faster we achieve our goal. The more patience we have, the more trust our horse will have in us.

Not all horses are the same. What’s easy for some may be a huge challenge for others. Every horse learns at its own pace. We don’t compare but are pleased with every good attempt.

Children learn how to think like a horse and become a good leader. In return the horse will seek your proximity and trust you.

Doesn’t the same apply to dealing with humans?

Through horses children learn everything they need for life: Emotions, consistency, endurance, patience, love and the feeling for the right moment.

What is the gift that children give the horses?

They give them back their freedom. Freedom is above all a feeling.

Everything big starts small

Indian Week