What would you like to share with us?
We are open to anyone, who enriches us with their knowledge, abilities and creativity. We are amazed every day by life’s gifts and we appreciate every single one.
It doesn’t matter if you come as a volunteer, teacher, coach or sponsor.

„The day will come for everybody, where they will get to chose what they wish to do with their knowledge and power. We have decided to share it.“



Born August 23rd, 1962, in the star sign of Leo with the helpful ascendant of Virgo in the heart of the Lüngeburger Heide, Germany

Founder and director of the project; head & heart of Alegría

Trained veterinarian, owner of NOAHS GARDEN, author of non-fiction and fiction on the subjects humans-life-health-spirituality

Mother of 4 grown-up sons and a fostered daughter

Apart from a baby and bringing up children break, Karen cannot live without horses since the first time she sat on one at the age of 5

Trained by Manolo Rodriguez in Arcos de la Frontera on how to ride the classical Iberian way

Trained in classical handwork by Jaques Pieterse and Karin Hess Müller

Education in Natural Horsemanship taught by Tanja Bever; Parelli Instructor from Mallorca and Kim Steutel – Equi Unity Holland

Inspired by meeting famous horsemen: Jean Claude and Kenzie Dysli, Frederic and Magali Pignon, Pat and Linda Parelli, Manuel Jorge de Oliveira and many friends who looked for new ways and found them

Shamanic teachings from medicine men and women from North America, Mexico and Peru

„I love what I do and I share what I love“



Born 07.09.1984 in Bremen, Germany

Trained veterinarian specializing in horses.

Natural horse & life trainer & instructor and equerry of Alegría.

Work Experience:

  • Worked 5 Years at a horse clinic in Germany
  • 1 Year horse/donkey-driving practice in Ibiza
  • Project and group leader of events during 6 years
  • Vast experience in group coaching and teambuilding

How everything began with horses:

  • Started riding and vaulting at the age of 6 (collecting tournament experience)
  • First own horse at the age of 10 which is where the passion for working with ‘difficult’ horses comes from
  • Annual lessons at different stables in dressage and jumping
  • Further education in Western Riding specializing in Reining with Nico Hörmann
  • Education in „Natural Horsemanship“ Tanja Bever-Parelli Instructor, Mallorca
  • Inspired by Karen Sailer and the Alegria Project

Dancing on the field.2

Kara Nuesslein

Born February 9th, 1986 in Gießen, Germany.

All my life I’ve spent every minute possible with horses. I would sit on their back and just let them carry me through the pasture, feeling the impressive muscles move and listening to their chewing sounds.

I’ve completed the bachelor of International Business & Languages in the Netherlands, got my diploma as a riding instructor and last year I graduated as Coach Practitioner to help people help themselves and find out what their (life) dream was when they were born.

Mine was to be with horses and improve my communication and my riding and this is how my horse, my dog and I got to Alegría.

I want to spread the message & way of life that we are living and teaching at Alegría and communicate to the world that there are natural, respectful ways to work with horses which reward both you and your horse. I will also teach youngsters together with my horse Tango.

“Let’s fly together!”


Inspirational visitor: TANJA BEVER

Born 30.11.1968 in Dortmund, Germany

Since 2011 licensed 1*-Parelli-Instructor in Europe

Trained high school teacher, powner and operator of a Natural Horsemanship centre with the aim of (re) unification of classical and natural horsemanship

  • Classical equestrian training FN as a teenager in Germany
  • After moving to Spain in 2009 experience with various Spanish riding styles
  • 2007-2011 various internships in small animal and equestrian clinics with a German veterinarian in Mallorca
  • Since 2004 member of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Programme
  • Since 2010 member of the Parelli Instructors Programme
  • Since 2011, ongoing education and training in Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage in Switzerland and the USA amongst other places

In my work and in my daily efforts to be a little bit better of a (horse) person, I was always and will continue to be inspired by outstanding people and horse personalities (Pat Parelli and Linda Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Nuno Oliveira , Uta Graf, Paralympics champion Lauren Barwick) and the horses themselves:

“There is nothing you can´t do when your horse becomes a part of you.”

Suzanne Struben

Inspirational visitor: Suzanne Struben

Suzanne is one of the horsetrainers from Filmpferde.de and horse master. She started working on shows such as the „Zauberwald“. There she learned from well-known horsetrainers like Franz Althoff. She got to know lots of other very good stuntriders and horsetrainers, so that we have the honour to work with many talented people out of her network.

Suzanne comes once a year to Alegria to give a course. She teaches how to use bow and arrow from horseback, jump on a horse that is cantering and other basic skills of a trickrider. She can also give advice in making the horses used to fire, lay down on the ground and more, in a confident and loving way.