Most of our horses are lucky to have lived a life fit for a horse since birth. Some other horses in the Alegría herd arrived after being maltreated in many ways and losing trust in humans. Today they have re-gained trust in us and enjoy their life in the herd.


Andalusian, born 1995, left brain introvert, also likes being extrovert, if you prove yourself worthy. Dignified herd chief, and a big teacher to us humans.

RASPUTIN moved back to Germany

Würtemberger –Westfalen mix, born 1997, right brain introvert when he feels uncertain, but he’s left brain extrovert when he really likes something. His best buddy is Max, otherwise he prefers to be separate from the herd, chilling out on his own according to the motto: it’s nice to have family but not too close please.


Hispano-Arabian, born 2001 (we’re not really that sure), right brain extrovert when he’s alone and feels insecure, but he’s left brain extrovert as soon as he enjoys something and has galloped off his tension. He learns in a flash and is therefore a real challenge for us.

LUNERO watches from heaven

Andalusian, born 1996, right brain introvert, has a big heart but sadly it was betrayed too often. He can quickly lose his patience, when he feels unsafe. He only feels secure with calm and confident people. Due to a hip problem he doesn’t get ridden anymore, but he enjoys his peace in the herd, and occasional walks with children.


DAKAPO, gelding born in 2010, Deutsches Reitpony.

He was bought at a good breeder in the north of Germany, where he grew up in a herd, has a clear and unbroken mind and is now a few month under the saddle. He is an left brain extrovert, who is being trained in classical & natural horsemanship principles. We want to give our students the opportunity to learn fine dressage on well trained horses.


CROCO, gelding born in 2011, Deutsches Reitpony.

With his calm interest, he is the darling of the children. He has been ridden since he’s 4 years old; mainly by the young kids at the breeder in Germany where he grew up. Since then he has learned a lot at Alegría and gets better by the day. He is being trained in natural horsemanship, classical dressage & classical spanish dressage, giving our students the opportunity to learn fine dressage on a well trained pony.


GALAN, gelding born in 2002, Menorquín.
He came down from the hills of Ibiza, where he spend most time of his life with love and food. He is an left brain extrovert who is the most reliable and happy horse during rides in the hills of Ibiza.


Shetland pony, born 2002

Right brain introvert and best friends with Xaloc; he follows him like a shadow. He has an interesting blue eye, also called a fish eye which doesn’t disable him in any way, he can still see fine.


Shetland pony, born 2002

Max is a left brain extrovert and the cheeky one in the herd. He’s untamable and an ingenious character. Co-Trainer. Who doesn’t believe it has to watch this video:


Shetland pony, born 2013

Little RUDI had a growth – related shortening of one knee. After our veterinarian had helped him, he slowly started moving more and more since for the first time, he could walk regularly on 4 feet. Now he fully enjoys life, learning tricks and playing with his friend Max.


Conjunto Mestizo, born 2010

Avalon came in spring 2016, together with his friend Spirit. After some time of acclimatization and training in Natural Horsemanship as well as classic Spanish dressage, he is now taking his first steps with the advanced kids in their classes. His intelligence in combination with an athletic body, a strong character and a big heart make him a wonderful horse to work with.

Spirit now enjoys freedom in a herd

Lusitano – Pony Mix, born 2011

Spirit is a freedom-loving beauty, which is living up to the name of the Disney horse. With lots of patience he is slowly losing his fear and jumpiness. Since he starts trusting humans more and more, he is being trained under the saddle since September. Soon he will be a great pony for our advanced students.

The herd