Just look around.
The water, the wind, the air, the fire, the sun, the earth, plants and animals, the stars, the moon.
Nature tells us everything we need to know.

“You are not here for nothing. You carry responsibility. What do you think, say and do has an impact on all life around you.”

What we believe

People need physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength in order to master life. Horses can help them develop these strengths.  It’s important not only to learn how to ride but everything that the company of horses brings with it: The nature of horses, communication with animals and humans, herbal medicine, shoeing, saddling, teamwork, creativity, meditation, energy work and the art of sharing your own knowledge with others.

If humans believed in themselves. Society would be very different.

It’s never too early or late to learn that intellect and education of the heart belong together and lead to true strength, which makes for decisions that serve well-being and society. Unhappiness, stress, isolation and disease can be resolved. We incorporate this philosophy with all our pupils, so they have an easier time finding their way to make a healthy and creative contribution to their working and living community and be happy with themselves.


What we do

Together with horses we encourage and support people in a journey to their most empowered and passionate selves.

With us you can learn a lot about life

  • A basic understanding of the nature of horses, the way they learn, what they fear, what they love and how we can get them to trust us.
  • Work on the ground, the gymnastics of horses and the awareness of your own body and its expressive power, which is how we communicate with horses.
  • Riding is a wonderful way to be together with horses, but it’s not the only way for a horse to be here for us.
  • Playing with horses and the joy that comes when we need less and less aids so that the horse stays with us and seeks our proximity.
  • Discover yourself together with the horse, learn to feel and direct energy, accept your own strengths and weaknesses and develop the ability to live a free and independent life.
  • Commitment to something bigger than oneself. Organise shows together to raise awareness for the welfare of horses.
  • Video about the project:

Why we do it

The world is changing rapidly. The promotion of the intellect has brought forth great technical developments, but these come at the expense of the heart. The wisdom that comes from a strong connection with nature is missing.

We agree with Richard David Precht, journalist, philosopher and author of the book “Anna, the school and the loving God”:

Because no one knows anymore what the future holds and what our children will need to manage their lives successfully, filled with meaning and significance, the more we need to help them learn how to learn independently and set their own goals. Schools can only fulfill this to a limited degree. They give grades for expertise and top marks for “good behavior”, “diligence”, “cooperation” and “order”. In real life, in love, friendship and work, very different things count:

Creativity, originality, a sense of humor, initiative and sense of community that emanates to others, a winning appearance, balanced self-awareness, anticipation for your own goals, a positive attitude towards the diversity of life and a loving attitude towards people and animals.