Open stable with paddock,
Alone or in the group
Grazing with the herd
Concentrated feed
Eco hay from the Pyrenees
Stables filled with sawdust
1x lesson per week with own horse
Horse with boarding € 600,-

„Your education costs money. You can earn a little extra by helping teach the children’s group. You’ll learn that your knowledge is valued and that it’s worth sharing it. “






Advanced Learners

Duo lessons in groups of 2    16-18.00 incl. theory

With Alegria Horse
1x per week ground work / riding 30,- €
To be paid per term 400,- €

Private Lessons    16-18.00 incl. theory

With Alegria Horse
1x per week ground work / riding 35,- €
To be paid per term 467,- €


Lessons with the group 16.00 – 18.00

1x per week 25,- €
To be paid per term 333,- €


Mirror, mirror…6 Alegria inside

Journey to One World Equestrian Center in Portugal

We want to continue to inspire the children by taking them on a journey to the the newly build One World Equestrian Center in Portugal. There classical dressage is taught on olympic level. It will give them the chance to feel where they’re aiming to get.
They will be accompanied by their teachers. The costs are still being estimated and will be communicated in the lessons later this year.

Indian Camp

Monday – Friday at the beginning of July, learning to shoot bow & arrow, make your own dress, riding out, lessons in botanical medicine & Indian traditions, meditation and a closing ceremony.
250,- € / week

Facilitation and sponsorship

We want to include children whose parents have difficulties financing the academy. That’s why we try our best to work together with sponsors, who support our project.
If you really want your child to be a part of the Alegria-Family, then we will find a solution! Just talk to us.