The Spanish word for joy, butterflies in your stomach, your heart fluttering, as if it’s about to burst because you’re seeing something you really like.
And you want only one thing:
That it happens again and you’re part of it.

„It was also the magic inherent in every beginning and it’s up to me to never lose it, even if the project grows and changes.“


how it all began

The Alegria project was born in the summer of 2009 out of necessity. I had already been actively involved with horse protection for a few years and was tired of the stables always filling up with new misery despite rescuing many malnourished and abused horses. How on earth, we asked ourselves, can we really change people’s consciousness?

We also asked our kids and got an answer: Start with us. Tell us what you know and show us how to do it better.

Then the riding instructor of the stables where my son Noah took riding lessons became ill and couldn’t teach the children for a longer period. Spontaneously, I offered to teach at least on the Children’s Day on Saturdays, even though I had no specific idea how. Especially since there were about 20 children of different ages and levels and a herd of school horses that I barely knew. Since I didn’t have much time for a sophisticated plan, I decided to forget everything I had seen in normal children’s riding lessons and just do what I enjoyed and teach what I was deeply convinced about. It was a baptism of fire, but today I see that this laid the foundation for everything my work with children and horses entails:

The more time I spent together with kids and horses, the clearer it became to me that it’s less about learning to ride and more about a school for life.

And because I do everything for my family and myself to make life above all fun, I gave the Saturdays a worthwhile goal: After 7 Saturdays we wanted to show parents and friends what we had learnt together with the horses. We wanted to show what wonderful animals they are, how they learn and how we motivate them to work with us joyfully.

Because only shared joy is real joy

Project report Alegría 2010 – 2014

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Seven saturdays show

The first SEVEN SATURDAYS SHOW took place in February 2010 on the only sunny and windless day that month had to offer. What we showed our small but mighty crowd amazes me to this day. A spell was cast across the sand arena, which is intrinsic to all these moments which are true and full of love. When children’s and horse’s eyes shine brightly it reaches into every heart and each time encourages me, until today to be inspired and strengthened on my path.

As long as the spell remains, I know the path is correct.

Karen Sailer