LEARNing with pleasure

We offer a great programme for only 3, – per child.
• 1 playful instructive hour on the topic of horses with a slide show
• Visit the stables and fields with explanations
• 30 minute long horse show with Liberty dressage and circus tricks
• Bus Parking

„Somewhere between birth and school something very important goes missing: Empathy; the innate gift to feel what others feel.“

ANIMal protection starts with humans

That’s why Alegria offers Ibiza’s schools a special programme.

With the help of a slide show and a lot of fun, children are introduced to the fascinating world of horses during the course of an hour. Pictures of how they live in nature, what horse-friendly stables should look like, what they eat, what they love and what they´re scared of. But we also show pictures of the reality in Ibiza; horses in dark, tight stables, lonely, starved to their bones, forgotten about. The astounding thing is that what the kids see is familiar to them. They just don’t know that horses shouldn’t look or live like that.

We then show them live what they saw on the pictures: Horses living in a herd, playing together, sleeping and eating. Big, open stables that protect them adequately against rain and sun, Dry warehouses for hay, concentrated feed, bedding, fields and a big riding space where the highlight of the trip awaits them: A horse show with music. For 30 minutes both horse and rider show what horses are capable of learning, if they trust the person. Kids watch the show enthusiastically and are amazed, from Classic Dressage to Liberty Dressage and circus stunts. When they say goodbye to the horses they promise to do it better. “It’s really easy”, said a little girl, “Now I know how. No one told me how before…..”