The old chalk factory of San Lorenzo was bought as a ruin in 2001 by Noahs Garden and rebuilt. By 2010 there was a garden center. Since then it is the home of Karen and her two- and four legged family and continues to be the headquarters of Noahs Garden. Here the most beautiful gardens of the island are designed.

„As soon as you enter the gate you begin to believe that peace is possible.“

In paradise

In 2013 the project found its place in the grounds of the garden centre NOAHS GARDEN on the road to San Juan, owned by Karen and her husband Berni. On 15,000 m2 there is room for the Alegria herd which lives in a large open barn and 5 guest horses in wooden huts with paddocks. The adjacent land is leased and used for pasturing and horse fodder cultivation.

The riding area is 20 x 40 meters; a size that is well suited for the mixture of liberty dressage and equestrian activities. A playground with 2 round pens and natural obstacles is in planning on the adjacent meadow. The entire area is fenced in for safety reasons (nearby road).

Behind the stables is the valley of San Lorenzo with its endless trekking opportunities, without having to cross any major roads.

In the shade of the thatched summer houses you can easily listen, learn, share, meditate and potter around.

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