What children need nowadays

A sense of humor
Initiative & a sense of community that emanates to others
Self Esteem
Anticipation for their own goals
Openness for the diversity of life
Passion towards humans, animals, plants & our lovely planet
Natural spirituality

„As an adult you will have it easier finding your way to make a healthy and creative contribution to your work-and living environment and to be happy with yourself.“

dear promoters & sponsors

I’m very happy that you’re interested in our project and thinking about supporting it. If you’ve read up to here, then you’ve probably found out a lot about Alegria. You’ll probably be aware of the fact that we already exist for a while; that we are not a flash in the pan and that we have slowly but surely worked on expanding our small idea into something big and contagious. It doesn’t matter if you run a company that produces and sells sustainable products or if you’re a human who just believes that not all is lost yet, and that the world can still become a better place for us and all living organisms.

It’s worth investing in the holistic education of children

The world needs aware, smart and loving human beings. We help teenagers and children on this journey but to do this we need you and your commitment. We also want to teach children whose parents can’t afford the Academy. Under the category “Prices” you can inform yourself about the yearly costs of the training and decide whether you wish to become a sponsor for a student. You would accompany them for one year and pursue their development or maybe you wish to just support the project with a specific amount. Speak with us, your interest is our inspiration, Your contribution is our motor to continue and infect others with our enthusiasm.