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Introduction of trickriding at Alegría

With helping hands and guidance of Suzanne Struben, stuntwoman and founder of the German Filmhorse Agency and Lazlo Ujvari, stuntman.

- A trickriding course at ALEGRIA -natural horse & life academy Ibiza, turned out to be more than learning tricks on horses. Watch the interesting journey of a group of riders of different ages, towards balance, limits and undiscovered talents.

Openingsshow Alegría 2015 – Soñando

Finally: here is the video of our Opening Show SOÑANDO!

The Opening of the Alegria-natural horse & life academy for young people in Ibiza, was celebrated with a special show in June 2015. All students and horses of Alegria prepared an 1,5 hour show, together with the star-act Santi Serra and 4 young dancers of the rhytmic gymnastic Club Tanit from Ibiza. Enjoy the memories if you were our guest and start dreaming. Enjoy the memories if you were our guest and start dreaming.

Because of an electrical problem we had no illumination, so the quality of the clip is not the best. But that was the only thing that failed. A great start !!

Noahs Garden Summer School
Indian Week 2014

Noahs Garden Summerschool in Ibiza. Every year children can experience native american traditions and the natural way of being with horses. A wonderful journey into the heart of mother earth.

Everything big starts small

Kyra , a 9 year old student of Alegria, shows the basics of the relationship with horses: Love, patience & respect. Calm, friendly and consistent in her behaviour, the horse follows her with trust and motivation. Without a rope. Children may be small, but its the strength of spirit, firm desire and kindness, that counts in the eyes of a horse. Its the same secret of successful horsemen, like Frederic Pignon. He would be proud of her. Welldone Kyra & Rasputin !!

Feliz sin filete

Concurso social de Doma clasica en Ibiza, Cuadras Can Mayans. Xaloc, PRE con 19 anos, tiene Melanomas en la boca y no puede llevar un filete. En JUVENILES 0 EQUIPOS, montado solamente con una cabezada de cuero suave, el muestra que filetes y bocados no son la clave para belleza y armonia.

Noahs Garden Summer School
Indian week 2013

Every summer children are invited to the creative summer school in NOAHS GARDEN, Ibiza, In July 2013 twenty children, 6 horses, lots of dogs, cats a cock and the summer school team joined to live like north american indians. A fantastic journey started on search for power, balance & respect.

my way to dressage

Alegria Ibiza: take the best of great horse masters, including the horse itself, and create your own way to dressage and beauty.

Puro Alegria Ibiza

Harvest time in Ibiza. The hay is ready and the fields are for the horses.
Forget dressage, competitions and everything what keeps you far away from the dream you had, when you saw a horse for the first time. Set this innocent feeling free, relax and enjoy. Thats where joyful relationship start.

Max, the horsetrainer

Amazing! Shetlandpony MAX from the horse project ALEGRIA in Ibiza is helping to train the horses. Its a game, but within a few seconds he brings them from zero to pure collection and harmonic movements. A must watch for all human horsetrainers!!! Watch & learn: no work without fun!


Ibiza, April 2011. Ein verhungertes und vereinsamtes Pferd, der 4 jährige Traber Toto, wird aus einem dunklen Verschlag befreit und kommt zur Pferdeschutzorganisation D.U.O. Ein Jahr lang hat er sich körperlich und seelisch erholt, nun ist er bereit den Menschen zu finden, der mit ihm zusammen leben möchte. Ein tolles Pferd, voller Vertrauen und Energie, steht mittlerweile bei Stuttgart und wird gegen eine Spende vermittelt.

ALEGRIA – el proyecto

ALEGRIA – the project

Alegria Ibiza is working since 2009 with children and horses in a natural way of true communication. Its the educational part of the association D.U.O.horses, to prevent the maltreatment of horses in the future. The project is sponsored by people, which believe, that the lack of empathy and respect towards nature and its creatures, is the basic problem of all other big problems in the world.

Sea horses part 2

1.11.11. A magical day in an incredible year. We spent the day with the horses at the beach, sharing company, love and trust in the most powerful environment of mother earth: the sea.

Sea horses

Ibiza end of October. The tourists are gone and the first autumn storms
have cleaned the beaches. The only noise is the rolling of the waves on the sand. Thats the time for the sea horses…….

Alegria Ibiza Act for a change

We act to make Ibiza a better place for horses.

Alegria Ibiza – Seven Saturdays Show

A colourful show with horses and children from Ibiza, Spain.Created and directed by Karen Sailer.Alegria Ibiza is a school for communication and performances with horses. In 2010 they presented the Seven Saturdays Show.


Inspiration from other Youtube channels

Foxfield Drill Team

This is the whole team, with no saddles or bridles. We are at Mark Watring’s barn in Hidden Valley performing to raise money for a soccer team and a charity. We had a little issue, in that there was a huge water jump in the middle of the ring where we were supposed to go, and many of the jumps could not be moved, so they were in the way too. Our horses, however, were exceptional especially since this was their second performance that day, and it was my horse’s, Nike’s, first performance (second including the one earlier in the day). If you want more information on the Foxfield Drill team, please go on my channel and look under the description on my video: rider standing up with no tack.

Foxfield Drill Team Solos

Foxfield Drill Team Performance

The talented Foxfield Drill Team in Santa Barbara, California, September, 2009.