2017 we plan to expand. It’s going to be about a lot more than just horses. We will have more space on the site and use the hall for seminars, courses and events of all kinds around living a full life. The gardens will be edible and fragrant and in Noahs Café fresh delicacies will be served on the green table.

the seed

That‘s ALEGRIA number one. We see it as a seed, a model for Ibiza and the world.

We encourage you to copy it, re-invent it and put it into action at your place. Just be sure to keep a few simple principles in mind:

  • be local: do what your place does well
  • bbe natural: let nature be the compass of all decisions
  • and remember how your decisions will affect your grandchildren

If you want to start ALEGRIA 2 we look forward to hearing from you

„Learn to love yourself, your community and the generations that are yet to come and the world will be different.“