I cannot say this enough: Horses LOVE rest and harmony.
The charisma of a relaxed, honest, centred and body-conscious person is magnetic. Not just for horses. To all living beings. They are like a safe docking station, steady as a rock, rooted like a tree, with a heart in the stars. All true horsemen are like that. It’s not their technique that makes them so good it’s their inner core, which radiates far beyond. The rest are just good craftsman, nothing more.

Horses fear stress, pain and the awful feeling of anxiety.
They would do anything to avoid these feelings. That’s why many trainers, who work using threats or by applying pain and fear, become successful and can do great things, which get cheered by the masses.

If you’re in doubt and you don’t know if what you’re doing is right or wrong, just do one thing: Remind yourself of the first time you saw a horse; the moment the wish was born to be together with these animals; the beginning of your journey with horses. Remind yourself of being astonished by so much beauty, how your heart got excited just watching their movements, the anticipation for your first riding lesson and the dream to be as free as the wind. Then you’ll know.